Turning meal preparation into a fun and educational experience at kindergarten

19 August 2016
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Children often enjoy the chance to help prepare meals, but kitchens can be a dangerous environment with hot temperatures during cooking and sharp edges on knives and blender blades. However, with some planning, you can involve kindergarten-aged children in food preparation. Here are some tips to get the kids in the kitchen in a safe way that teaches them more about nutrition and food preparation.  Choosing produce If you grow your own produce on site, you can get the kids to help pick produce and choose what will go into each meal. Read More 

4 Signs Your Child Needs Speech Therapy

20 July 2016
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Speech therapy for children and toddlers is an option more parents than you might think have to consider. Not all of the children will have learning problems or disabilities. Some just need that little bit of extra help to figure out how to communicate. If your toddler is struggling to communicate, you may wonder whether you need speech therapy. Here are four signs that your child might benefit from speech therapy. Read More 

Allowing sensible risks in a child care environment

11 July 2016
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Having some sensible risks built into a child care environment is very important. This allows children to develop their physical and planning skills as well as develop resilience to try again after they fail in a task. The carer needs to give the children challenges that are developmentally appropriate and fun for the children.  Discuss risks When a child first experiences a new environment, it's a good idea to talk them through some of the risks they might see and discuss with them how they might use certain items or attempt certain tasks. Read More 

4 important school readiness skills that children learn in social environments

14 June 2016
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In order to be confident in a formal schooling environment, children need many skills that can't be learned from a book. Here are 4 important school readiness skills that children learn in child care centres that can help prepare them for schooling.  Communication In order to convey their needs to caregivers, as well as conveying thought and feelings to peers, children need to learn communication skills. In a home environment, caregivers can often guess what a child may need or be so used to a schedule that they can preempt the child's needs. Read More 

How to help your child learn how to read

29 March 2016
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Teaching your child how to read is one of the most important steps of all child care. It creates a vocabulary for your child that they will have to use throughout their entire life and is also an absolutely necessary skill in order to succeed in school. You as a parent have a responsibility to help your child with their learning process, as children that get help from home should learn faster than children that only get to read in school. Read More