Four Social Skills Your Children Learn At Preschool

28 June 2022
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The first day of preschool is a big milestone for your child. It's the first time he or she will be allowed to play independently and make friends with other children. But what does preschool teach kids? There's more to it than just learning the alphabet, numbers and colours. Here are four social skills that your kids will benefit from as they attend preschool: 1. At Preschool, Children Learn To Respect Other People's Property Read More 

Benefits Of Enrolling Your Child In A Daycare Centre

19 January 2022
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Most parents are reluctant about enrolling their kids in a daycare centre. It's a difficult decision you should make for your kid to progress. As long as you choose a high-quality daycare centre, you'll enjoy the following benefits. Social and Emotional Development Most kids will struggle to develop socially when they stay at home alone. By sending your child to a daycare centre, you'll allow them to interact with other kids. Read More