4 Reasons You Should Consider Daycare for Your Child

28 November 2017
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Daycare centres are a necessity for most parents as they offer a structured formal environment. And with the growing financial constraints in most families, there is a need for two incomes. Some families have resorted to combining work and having a supportive home life, which brings a tough balance. In both scenarios, daycare remains a viable option and has some benefits as discussed below:

1. Regular activities

A decent daycare will have a schedule of the activities that the children engage in and at what times. These will include fun games and storytelling. All these activities are geared towards enabling the child to have intellectual as well as developmental growth. It comes in handy especially for parents, as they do not have to worry if the child will get a good nap, eat, and play while learning at the same time. A good childcare facility will have a full slate of activities that will be essential learning components even for toddlers.

Further, the daycare will serve as a foundation for the child's academic advancement. However, it is vital for parents to select daycare centres that are high-quality regarding the provision of extensive support and interactions with caregivers. The centres should also have cognitive-boosting activities.

2. Quality time with peers

For stay-at-home parents, an arrangement with a neighbouring family or relative for their children to play together might be the alternative. However, this does not provide quality time and interactions with peers in a way that a daycare would. Daycares will have structured and supervised schedules where the children can freely mingle by sharing, playing, problem-solving and learning together. All these in a safe environment.

3. Positive interaction with adults

Children learn a lot from adults, especially parents. A childcare facility will have some adults who are caregivers and can be looked up to by the children as mentors. They provide guidance, encouragement, have a positive attitude towards the children and will discourage any negative interactions among the children.

4. Smooth transition to kindergarten

A child who started from a formal centre like a daycare facility will find it easier to transition and adjust to formal schooling. This greatly benefits parents and the youngsters as they have at a tender age internalized the learning processes from a structured environment. Parents will also feel a great involvement in their children's structured academic process.

In conclusion, children in daycare centres get the grips on structures from a tender age, which is vital for their early and later life. The close interactions with peers are a necessary process for their skills development and growth.