Incredible Things That Your Child Learn in Kindergarten

28 June 2019
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Kindergarten forms the basis of the entire school career of your child. Being the first year that your child joins school, it becomes a year of many discoveries. For a kid, learning is always known as a time to play, and that is the main reason that it should be made as fun as possible. At times as a parent, you may have no idea of some of the things that your child should have learnt by the end of the kindergarten year. Knowing what your kid is learning is important so that you can help the kid when they are at home. Below are some of the things that your kids learn in kindergarten. 

Reading and Writing

Reading begins at kindergarten, and this is very crucial as it determines the reading skills of your child in the school years ahead of them. This is where the kid is supposed to familiarise themselves with letters of the alphabet as well as how to come up with simple words using the learnt letters. Your child is also taught the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters. By the end of the year, your kid should be able to read and pronounce some of the formed words correctly and, even more, to read books meant for kids. 

Gaining number skills 

Counting is a very important aspect of mathematics. Children are taught to count at a very tender age—as soon as they can pronounce some of the numbers in words. When your child joins kindergarten, their counting skills are enhanced, and it is at this point that they are taught to carry out some simple mathematics by combining different numbers that they have been taught. Your kids are also taught how to use different measuring tools to measure parameters such as lengths of objects within the classroom. 

Understanding Time

It is at kindergarten level that your kid is taught how to read and estimate time as well as weather. The kid may be too young to read a watch but they should be able to tell the difference between day and night or morning and evening. Also, they are taught to know when it is cloudy or sunny and also when it is a windy or a calm day. Having this kind of knowledge as a parent could help your kid have more understanding and even lead to better grades. 

Working Independently 

This is the right time when kids are taught to depend entirely on their own brains. It not only boosts their self-esteem, but it is also a good way to teach them how to believe in their ability. Kindergarten classrooms are always spacious enough to enhance this aspect. Parents are also advised not to do their kids homework if they want to cultivate this aspect. The kids are also taught how to be good listeners in kindergarten by encouraging them to pay attention to their teachers. 

By the end of the kindergarten year, you will be surprised to see how much knowledge and skills your kid has gained. This is because at this point they should be able to read fluently, and every parent is proud of their kid's ability to show such kind of prowess at a very young age.