Four Highly Enjoyable Indoor Play Ideas for A Rainy Day

23 December 2019
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Children cannot fail to have fun just because it's cold or it's raining outside. After a lengthy study session, it's essential that they play and have fun. Play is important not only as a stress buster but also to promote healthy child development. These activities will keep kids busy and entertained, and what's more, they are easy to perform and use everyday materials in the daycare. Here are four indoor play ideas that your preschool or child care kids will appreciate.

Put on A Puppet Show

Kids like to perform, and what's a better way to engage in what they like most than a fun puppet show? As the instructor, you'll need to set up the stage and individual puppet characters using glue, scissors, a permanent marker, crayons, background templates, woodcraft sticks, and more. You can also allow the children to create their own characters who they'll be playing on the show. This fun indoor activity allows children to experiment with storytelling, imagination and also gives everyone a chance of participation.

Freeze Dance

Kids love to dance, and fair enough, they've got the moves for it. This simple music and movement activity just requires a source of music and space. To begin, find an empty room or move furniture to the walls of the classroom, leaving a big enough dance floor in the middle. The guidelines are simple, play the music, and everyone should freeze when the music is paused. To make the activity more fun, kids can be encouraged to freeze in different poses or make funny faces. Tip: the pausing process should be simple enough to be handled by another older child as you engage with the kids.

Kid's Yoga

Don't we all love yoga sessions; they are healthy and have a calming aspect about them too. And kids love yoga just as much, but don't expect them to stay quiet and breathe. Kid's yoga is a fun activity that does not require much except for the classroom and preschoolers. To add literacy to the game, you can create flashcards with names like an airplane or lion, which kids can imitate.

Indoor Bowling 

You can create a simple bowling alley in the classroom for the kids to have fun. You just need ten soda cans and a tennis ball. Every kid will have a chance to participate, making for a little fun and competitive game. This game improves hand-eye coordination in children.

Kids do not have to wear rain boots, jackets, hats, and gloves to have fun on a rainy day; these indoor games are safe and also allows them to have fun while learning.