Why You Should Consider Family Day Care as a Better Solution

15 September 2020
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As young children grow, parents can often face a dilemma. They both need to work and cannot spend this time in the home environment, so they need to find day care alternatives for the kids. This can be challenging for the parents as they worry about their options. However, it can also be a difficult time for the children, as they lose some of that familiarity. Why is family day care a good solution for you in this case?

Growing Trend

Family day care is part of a growing trend across Australia. In essence, an individual educator decides to open his or her home to a small group of children, creating a friendlier and more accepting environment for the group.

A Question of Scale

Obviously, many of the conventional day care facilities are professionally run and staffed with loving and caring people. Yet, due to the numbers of children involved and the setup of the facility in question, the idea can still be challenging to an introverted kid.


Family day care, on the other hand, will provide an equally high standard of education in a socially stimulating environment. The emphasis is on flexibility, as the educator will be able to focus on each child and their specific needs. They will be able to tailor their approach to make the child feel more comfortable and at home, as they individualise programmes accordingly. Consequently, if your child has a particular interest that may be unusual, the educator will be able to pick this up and run with it. Due to the scale and make-up of a conventional day care facility, this may not be possible.


Furthermore, family day care educators can often work with your particular schedule. They may be able to care for your child on weekends or during a typical school holiday, for example, with enough notice and advanced discussion.


In this type of environment, kids will normally relax and engage. They'll be able to nurture new friendships more easily due to the smaller number of children around them. Likewise, the child will create a bond with the educator who can become a close member of your extended family.

Network Support

Typically, the educator is part of a broader network. This means that they can keep on top of current trends, engage with their peers and coordinate any support that may be necessary.

More Information

Take a closer look at family day care. It may be just the solution you are looking for.