3 Reasons Why High-Quality Preschool Care Is Good for Your Child

25 February 2021
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When looking into early childhood education, what do you envision? Does the thought of dropping off your child and leaving them with strangers leave you angst? Maybe you've even considered that your child might be too young, or perhaps preschool its self isn't that necessary.

Well, you might want to fight through your guilt because a high-quality childcare program can only help your child. Education in the years before your child starts primary school lays the groundwork for a successful future and helps young children get the strong start they need to thrive in school and beyond. 

Here are three reasons high-quality preschool care can help your child get the best possible start in life. 

1. Social and Emotional Development 

High-quality preschools have a nurturing and supportive space that encourages positive interactions with other kids. It is a safe environment for your child to interact with their peers and adults or caregivers. This interaction creates an opportunity to learn, share, follow instructions, and express feelings, all of which are essential to social and emotional health. 

Your child will learn from an early age how to process emotions of the world around them and lay the foundation for interacting with other kids as they advance in school.

2. Early Learning 

Early learning matters…it matters a lot! Enrolling your child into a preschool helps engage them in place-based education and lays the foundation of core academic and reading skills. 

The literacy and numeracy skills your child learns from well-qualified educators and caregivers are fundamental to academic success later in life. Early learning means that your child is more likely to perform much better in primary school and promotes a sense of competence and self-worth, all recipes for success. 

3. Aids in Development of Good Habits 

A preschool program provides a daily routine for your child and helps them feel safe and secure. The environment is structured to help your children learn how to make friends, encourage social interactions, and take care of themselves and others. 

The environment also promotes a real desire for kids to engage in 'real work.' You are likely to notice your child's increased desire in taking charge to dress themselves or pack their bag before school. 

Remember, a supportive environment is vital, especially in the early stages of your child's life. As such, you want to enrol your child in a high-quality preschool program to allow them the opportunity to learn cognitive, behavioural, and social skills they don't learn at the comfort of your home. 

To learn more, contact a local preschool.