Child Care Options In Australia

12 August 2021
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When your child comes of age, you could be worried about which child care to take them to. Well, similar to other parents, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Below are the various types of child care offered in Australia and the conditions that should prompt to go for each option. 

Family Daycare

Family daycare is an arrangement where parents take their kids to the homes of caregivers. These daycares are ideal when you want your child to commence their education journey in a friendly home environment. Family daycares may not have a formal program. However, children will socialise and engage in various childhood games. The caregiver also introduces the kids to basic linguistics and arithmetic. In such a way, they have an easier time transitioning to other types of child care. 

Long Daycare

Unlike family daycare, long daycares are conducted in a formal setup. Typically, these daycares accommodate more children. Therefore, it is common to find children grouped according to their ages. The long daycare program runs from morning to evening. As such, it is ideal when you need your child to adjust to the formal school schedule. Long daycares have a program designed to improve the children's communication, creativity and critical thinking skills. The program progressively introduces children to formal learning. 


Kindergarten occurs the year before children join schools. Its primary objective is to prepare your child for formal learning. Although kindergarten is not compulsory in much of Australia, parents are highly encouraged to take their kids to kindergartens. Most kindergartens will have a structured program that equips learners with the skills required to join school. Teachers at the centre are trained professionals who easily identify your child's artistic, leadership, sports or academic talents. In such a way, the parent can initiate strategies to grow these talents as the child grows. 

Before Or After School Care 

It provides child care services outside the conventional schooling hours. Before and after school care services allow your child to sharpen the skills learnt in the classroom. When looking for before or after school care services, check where the teachers provide the service and the age of children that attend the sessions. Obviously, you would want your child to learn among their peers. 

The Australian government regulates the above types of child care. Therefore, you should always ask the facility for their licencing and accreditation documents. Besides, conduct due diligence to establish the reputation of the facility and the caregiver training.