4 Reasons You Should Consider Daycare for Your Child

28 November 2017
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Daycare centres are a necessity for most parents as they offer a structured formal environment. And with the growing financial constraints in most families, there is a need for two incomes. Some families have resorted to combining work and having a supportive home life, which brings a tough balance. In both scenarios, daycare remains a viable option and has some benefits as discussed below: 1. Regular activities A decent daycare will have a schedule of the activities that the children engage in and at what times. Read More 

How Self-Confidence Can Be Crucial for Early Learners

27 June 2017
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Self-confidence is a trait that is crucial in life. It's required in order to get ahead, to enjoy a successful career and to maintain an active and fulfilling social life. As such, it is critical for human beings to learn all about self-confidence at as early an age as possible. As a parent, how can you help to build self-confidence in your child when they are getting ready to join an early school environment? Read More 

Why Should You Choose a Nanny Over an Au Pair?

24 March 2017
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If you need a long-term child care service, as opposed to someone to look after your children for just a night or two, you might find yourself having to choose between an au pair and a nanny. The decision demands careful consideration; while both will be able to take care of your children, there are plenty of reasons to pick a nanny over an au pair. What's the Difference Between a Nanny and an Au Pair? Read More