Incredible Things That Your Child Learn in Kindergarten

28 June 2019
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Kindergarten forms the basis of the entire school career of your child. Being the first year that your child joins school, it becomes a year of many discoveries. For a kid, learning is always known as a time to play, and that is the main reason that it should be made as fun as possible. At times as a parent, you may have no idea of some of the things that your child should have learnt by the end of the kindergarten year. Read More 

Amazing Ways That Kindergarten Can Help with Your Child’s Social-Emotional Development

11 March 2019
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Social-emotional acumen is a form of intelligence that everybody needs to have. This form of intellect is not taught, however. Instead, it is nurtured, and that is why you will find there are some adults whose social-emotional development is stunted whereas others have a better understanding of interacting with others. What you should know about social-emotional acumen is that it is developed in the early stages of life. Thus, you may want to consider enrolling your child in kindergarten at an early age for them to start nurturing this intellect. Read More